Belle Rive is a development project designed to revive the infrastructure of Jacmel’s tourism and trade.

Jacmel was once a rich port city for wealthy coffee and tobacco merchants. The streets are lined with beautiful French architecture and balconies decorated with delicate handcrafted ironwork of the New Orleans tradition.

Today the city and its neighbors are in need of a renaissance and the team that is working collaborative to deliver one is SIMACT.

SIMACT was founded in 1996 by a small group of Haitian-American medical professionals for the strict purpose of investing in real estate in their homeland. With more than 37 shareholders, the company has successfully built a bridge linking Haiti with its powerful pool of human resources, the North American Diaspora.

The Haitian Diaspora has been considered a major player in the eventual rebuilding of the country because of its unbreakable link with the motherland. Despite its unstable political past, Haiti has consistently, more than any other Caribbean state, benefited from its Diaspora to the tune of $1.5 billion a year in remittances and well over 180,000 visits in domestic tourism.

Belle Rive is part of an effort to revamp the city's infrastructure; the downtown area will be reconfigured to allow tourists ample room to explore the virtually undisturbed colonial accent of its historical dwellings.

The main hospital is being studied for a major overhaul in order to meet the new health challenges of a growing tourist population.

The airport, presently a bare landing strip, has been architecturally studied and approved for construction in the immediate future. Most importantly, the "Belle Rive" project by the Simact Group, in its present conceptual phase, will define a small seaside resort to be built for the pure enjoyment of life in a spectacular setting.

Here are some key features of the Project:
  • A 24-acre Oceanfront Residential Community guarded by private security
  • 84 Townhouse residential units with spectacular view of the Caribbean sea
  • Shops, Theater, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Health Club, Restaurants
  • A 120-room Hotel. Tower apartments including a penthouse. Pristine beach
  • Housekeeping, Concierge, Waste Management, Cable, Parking, Supermarket

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